2X Dining Offer 2024

Double up 2X Rewards Points

Dine, delight and double up on rewards with us from 7 March to 31 May 2024.

Indulge, earn, and experience the best of ALL with this delectable opportunity. From gourmet delights to local specialties, our dining venues offer a tantalising array of flavours to suit every palate.

So come experience the satisfaction of dining with us and receive 2X Reward Points with every delightful bite you take

Participating restaurants at Sips & Splash

To benefit from this offer:

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  • Offer mechanism: Members earned 2X Reward Points when they subscribed and dine at our restaurants Only for dining at the restaurant, not applicable for room service or take-away
  • Dates: 7 March to 31 May 2024 

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